Dr. Marc Siemens
Dr. Marc Siemens graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in 1996 and began his practice soon thereafter. As a native of Sacramento, Dr. Siemens attended El Camino High School and continued on to American River Junior College where he played football. Dr. Siemens expanded on his studies at California State University Sacramento where he graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Originally planning for a career in law enforcement, the doctor reconsidered with the guidance of his step-father, chiropractor Dr. Harvey Salzberg. Soon Dr. Siemens was graduating from Chiropractic College with a new career in the healthcare field. Dr. Siemens lives in Fair Oaks, California, with his wife Jacquie, son Roccoand their dog Bruno. Dr. Siemens enjoys hiking, fishing, camping, abalone diving, running and spending time with his wife and friends in tropical locations around the world. Through his years of specializing in auto injury cases, Dr. Siemens has been able to establish contacts with well respected medical doctors and facilitiesthroughout the greater Sacramento area. Although the doctor's practice is not limited to automobile accident injury cases, this is his specialty and has been for over 15years. Dr. Siemens believes it is extremely important to begin chiropractic care soon after an injury has occurred, provided emergency services are not required. When an injury occurs, the body will develop scar tissue in the injured region which will restrict the joint. The sooner chiropractic adjustments can be performed, the less likely a long-term or chronic type of injury will develop. Dr. Siemens attends seminars and continuing education courses regularly to keep updated on the latest techniques and trends in the profession. The doctor's passion comes from a belief that the best compliment he can receive is the referral of a family member or friend so he will work his hardest every day to make that happen.